VERTICAL CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS - Bombas centrífugas fabricacion y reparacion | Bombas Intercal 


The pumps of our Intercal - V Series, are vertical centrifugal, of a single stage with axial suction and radial discharge, submersible hydraulic and motor surface. The whole pump is assembled with a base plate and discharge pipe. Its vertical design allows the hydraulic dip in tanks, wells, deposits and the PS and PX open impellers empowers them to make the pumping of viscous liquids and loaded with solids. The pump body is provided with registration cap for inspection and cleaning.  

VERTICAL PUMPS VEL SERIESThe VEL Intercal pump series, long axle series, are vertical centrifugal as the V Series. The pump is supported by a column and axle lines connected by rigid sleeves and support lubricated plain bearings with the pumped fluids or from an external source. In Multiple applications in pumping containing suspended solids, our V-Vel Series pumps can be assembled. An example is paper pulp, sewage, purines, shelled marc, clean water wells loaded with sand, carved marble or solid minerals, viscous liquids, paints, tars, oils, sludge and lime slurries.