SELF PRIMING PUMPS - Bombas centrífugas fabricacion y reparacion | Bombas Intercal 


Bomba AutocebanteThe priming system is intended to maintain the pump in positive suction head, improving the available NPSH of the pump. It consists of a deposit, assembled in the suction pump and which allows its self-priming, by the principle of communicating vessel. This deposit is dimensioned according to the characteristics of each pump and can be assembled both in our B SERIES horizontal pumps or V SERIES vertical pumps and our MB SERIES.  The Intercal self-priming design manages to avoid the pump cavitation effect, and is used in installations where the suction limits surpass the NPSH required. These applications are recommended for systems with negative aspirations that require broad NPSH in the pumps. We manufacture them in different materials such as galvanized or painted steel, and stainless steels AISI 304, AISI 316 and AISI 316L.