TYPES OF PUMPS - Bombas centrífugas fabricacion y reparacion | Bombas Intercal 

DIN STANDARDHydraulic performance and unified dimensions according to EN 733 (DIN STANDARD 24255). Standardization interchangeability of the various parts of the pump. It comprises 50 different pumps assembled with 5 sizes of support. For the same support size the axis, the bearings, the mechanical seal is or the packing, the impeller nut and bearing caps with their retainers are identical. We also have a number of non-standard models that complement this series. Centrifugal pump Standard. Pompes Intercal
HORIZONTALHorizontal Pumps: With our B, B-PX, B-PS Series and Common Collector Twin Pumps we are able to cover different utilities in various sectors such as the pumping of water, viscous liquids and suspended particles. Prepared for abrasive substances and other sectors such as cooling towers, thermal plants, compressed air, paint manufacturing and cataphoresis processes. Horizontal centrifugal pumps. Pompes Intercal
VERTICALThe vertical pump series of Pompes Intercal consists of the V, VEL, V-PX and V-PS SERIES which allow you to perform the pumping of viscous liquids loaded with solids. The body of our pumps has a registration lid for its inspection and cleaning. They can be immersed in tanks, wells. We manufacture them in different smelting materials, Grey GG25, nodular GGG-40, carbon steel, brass or Hastelloy, and stainless steels AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI 316, AISI 316L and AISI 904L.Vertical centrifugal pump. Pompes Intercal
MONOBLOCKThe B series of Intercal pumps is specially designed for continuous operation in the harshest conditions. Its main application is for the pumping of water and other clean or slightly dirty liquids with solid particles in suspension up to a 1.2% concentration, admitting a small abrasiveness in accordance with the construction components of the pump.
The main fields of application reside in the industry in general, water supply, heating and air conditioning systems, cooling tower circuits, thermal and compressed air plants, industrial paint facilities, etc.
Monoblock centrifugal pump. Pompes Intercal
SELF PRIMING PUMPSPumps with self priming system maintain the aspiration load positive improving the available NPSH of the pump. A communicating deposit and vessel, allow its self priming, this deposit is dimensioned with the characteristics of each pump and corresponding use. They are made in different materials like galvanized or painted and stainless steels AISI 304, AISI 316 Y AISI 316L.Self priming pumps. Pompes Intercal
PRESSURE GROUP WITH SPEED VARIATOROur pressure groups with speed variator run at a constant pressure depending on the variations of the flow request. It achieves energy savings, being able to operate with 2, 3, 4 or 5 pumps simultaneously. Water hammer is eliminated in starts and stops making them softer, prolonging the life of the booster set. Used in different kinds of sports facilities, irrigation, boiler feed. Made in various types of materials, from cast iron A48, Class 40 to stainless steels AISI 304, AISI 316 and AISI 316LCentrifugal pumps PRESSURE GROUP WITH SPEED VARIATOR
SPLIT-CASESPLIT-CASE pumps with the possibility of simple and double suction with one or two impellers. They can be used in continuous service S1 facilities and extreme conditions. High performance hydraulic chamber achieving energy savings. For pumping medium and large flow rate, it can be used in drinking water supplies, seawater desalination, petroCHEMISTRYs and thermal plants. It allows suctions of 180º and it can be intervened without dismounting through the upper chamber. They are manufactured in different materials such as: Cast iron A48 Class 40, Nodular cast iron DIN GGG40, Carbon steel, Brass, or Hasteloy and Stainless Steel AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI 316, AISI 316L and AISI 904L.Split case centrifugal pump
MULTI-STAGETheir applications are very different for, Fixed or transportable pressure cleaning systems, Pressure, Fire-Fighting, Boiler Feeding, Reverse Osmosis Groups, Water supplies in general, Installations and Irrigation, Thermal Plants, Circulation of distillates and condensates, Filtration Systems and Water Treatment Facilities as DWTS, STPS or SWDI.Multi stage centrifugal pump. Pompes Intercal