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Advantages of Standard Series Pumps

- Hydraulic performance and unified dimensions according to EN 733 (DIN STANDARD 24255).
- Standardization interchangeability of the various parts of the pump.
- It comprises 50 different pumps assembled with 5 sizes of support. For the same support size the axis, the bearings, the mechanical seal is or the packing, the impeller nut and bearing caps with their retainers are identical. We also have a number of non-standard models that complement this series.
- Easy maintenance thanks to the system of removing the rotor without having to separate the engine or disconnecting the suction and impulsion pipes, provided that the group incorporates a spacer in the standard coupling. Coupling guard according to the European regulations for rotating machines.


Simple Seal


Use: Water and other clean liquids or slightly dirty with suspended solid not abrasive particles.

Temperature: Up to 140º C.

Lubrication: Through the pumped liquid itself, through a duct which connects the pressure region of the pump with the closing chamber.

Maintenance: The mechanical seal is factory set and should not be dripping or running. The seal may deteriorate if the pump does not turn in the right direction and if it does in dry. When the seal begins to drip it will have to be changed completely. Bomba serie Norma de cierre simple

Special Simple Seal


Use: Water and other clean or turbid liquids with suspended solid somewhat abrasive particles. Depending on the degree of abrasiveness of the liquid, the materials of the cooling type seal will be chosen.

Lubrication: - Through the pumped liquid itself, by connecting the external duct or pipe with the discharge flange seal cap, when its abrasiveness is much reduced. - By the clean outer liquid sweeping the lock that is mixed with the one pumped through the balancing chamber, and must both be compatible. The feed pressure will depend on the pump running on suction or load, as shown in the text on the left.

Maintenance: As in the previous case.Bomba norma con cierre especial


Double Seal


UseLiquids as in the previous assembly, but which also have higher abrasiveness, or sludge, adhesions, etc., preventing contact with the exterior of the seal. The materials are chosen according to these characteristics, the side seal being the one with the most responsibility. 

Temperature: Up to 140º C.

Lubrication: Through the external liquid, usually water, with input and output independently of the pump circuit. The supply pressure must exceed the static in the pump to keep the front seal tight.

Maintenance: As the first case on the back seal, a collecting funnel is recommended to check the cooling liquid circulation. When any traces of the pumped liquid is seen or vice versa, the front seal will have to change.
Bomba Norma Cierre Doble


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