QUALITY IN CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS - Bombas centrífugas fabricacion y reparacion | Bombas Intercal 
The ISO 9001 quality standard ensures that the products are safe, reliable and good quality, This is what we tried from Intercal, a team that wants to grow every day, doing better, in short, do the right thing, and therefore we strive to make our pumps leave our factory in top operating conditions and finish. In recent years we rely on a test bench and our own hydraulic tests to ensure an efficient finish, making sure that our pumps meet their technical specifications. We have changed our paint and priming quality procedure to achieve a better look and durability of the pump in adverse environmental conditions. 
Quality is a set of qualities that make the way of life of a company, that is why in Pompes Intercal we bet on it, because it defines the way we are, trying to improve the performance of our company and of our product, with a series of planned and systematic actions that are necessary to provide adequate confidence so that our pumps may meet the given requirements for quality.
La normativa de calidad ISO 9001 asegura que los productos son seguros, de confianza y de buena calidad, Esto es lo que intentamos desde Intercal

Mission: to provide our pumps and our knowledge of the National and International industry, and learn with them and from them.

Vision: We are a leading and reliable company.

Values: We are a solid company, we intend to have a pleasant workplace, structured and without pressures, but relying on our staff.

We believe in giving good service and effectiveness, and above all we focus on the work.