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Our PX and PS Series have: - A broad and robust bearing support offering two very separated support bearings, for a perfect guiding of the axis and complete absorption of bending stresses. - A "third point of support" of the shaft, consisting of a sintered material sleeve placed near the impeller. - A heavy duty stainless steel shaft, assembled in our standard implementation. This standard assembly ensures a longer duration of the packing and is essential in the installation of mechanical locks. - An open impeller, built in cast steel, which allows for its constructive form, in cross or with discharge blades, a particular pumping of viscous liquids or with solid particles or pasty in suspension. - A large rectangular register and a drain plug located in the body of the pump, which allow the internal cleaning through water jet, this drain plug facilitating the outflow of the dragged material. - We have the possibility of replacing the regular stuffing box for mechanical seal, thus providing a total sealing on the shaft. - For further information respecting the PX Series, we refer the reader to our general specification B Series where he can appreciate in detail other technical aspects of designing and building INTERCAL pumps.

PS, PX-V and PS-V Constructive Arrangements

PS Series 

Regarding PX Series, they retain their dimensions and constructive ways, while the unique design of the impeller modifies their hydraulic characteristics, making them especially suitable for pumping liquids with solids in suspension and of certain abrasiveness.
The impeller has a single disc that supports blades positioned on both sides. Those of the front side drive the liquid, while those of the rear side create a depression, preventing the liquid from entering the area of the cable glands, eliminating therefore the abrasiveness on the axis.

PX-V and PS-V Series

Visco pumps in vertical arrangement, whose use according to hydraulic fluids and characteristics are equal respectively to the PX and PS Series. We refer you to our catalog of vertical pumps.
The vertical support of the pump is extremely robust and has a cuff that serves for fixing the pump in place and as support of the electric motor V-1 shape with flange.
This series of pumps is particularly suitable for closed circuit installations and with a relatively constant level of liquid in which the pump may be submerged.

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The following curves have been obtained in laboratory tests with water d=1 g/cm3. These curves will be altered depending on the characteristics of the fluids conveyed, as its viscosity, density, temperature of use, solids concentration, etc. For the same reason the absorbed powers function of such characteristics are not included therein. For inquiries, please contact our Technical Services.


The visco pumps, due to their particular impeller, blades and pump body design, allow the lifting of certain fluids that the centrifugal pumps are unable to vehicle. In fact, the INTERCAL PX Series enables, among others, the following applications:
1. - Liquids containing solid or pasty matters in suspension. Pulps, weeds, tannins containing bark residues, purines, shelled marc, well cleaning, water laden with sand, cement, crushed minerals, etc. Multiple applications in the Paper Industries, Breweries, Tanners… Also in the porcelain factories, marble carving, coal laundries, etc. This type of pumps is also used for pumping wastewater from sewage, as well as sludge and sand dredged from rivers, or for cleaning pools, ponds, etc.
2. - Viscous liquids such as paints, tars, oils, slurries, etc. The visco pumps easily carry all of these liquids, when its viscosity does not reach too important figures, provided they work in LOAD or with VERY LITTLE SUCTION.